Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Rooting

Always people have many questions about Rooting and get them all the time through our site. So we decided create up this FAQ part here. You will never have to ask such questions from anyone else……

What Is  Android Rooting Your Device?

Rooting is the process of making permission to the Administrative system on smartphone and tablets (Android Smart Devices) which running Android operating system to allow privileged control. To put it simply, after rooting, you are able to full access to your Android device. What can do after rooting:

Impressive Features Of Android Rooting

  1. You can flash a custom ROM
  2. You can flash a custom kernel
  3. You can tweak the dark corners of Android
  4. You can remove preinstalled crapware
  5. You can make complete backup of your phone
  6. You can Block apps in any app safely.
  7. You can boost your phone’s speed and battery life easily
  8. You can Unlock hidden features and install incompatible apps
  9. You can use your older Android Device as latest Device.
  10. You can block Ads easily

As known, rooting Blocks by manufactures and carries as their business stregy. They show always that rooting is inherently dangerous. Furthermore, Rooting gives so many benefits, so high number of Android users still needs to root their devices because of high potential to be gained so many benefits to their Android Device. Anyway, some experienced Android users can handle this very well. Because this facts, so many rooting tools design on day by day as high successive rate. Otherwise  currently we can find most suitable rooting tools than past .

Anyway, if you need to root your android device when you should find compatibility of rooting tool and Selective android Device mainly before starting anything for rooting.

Complete Guide For Android Rooting


  1. The software warranty will be void after you root your device.
  2. Your device may be bricked/damaged during or after rooting. If you are not not confident to get risk, you should wait little bit,be patience to begin rooting. Otherwise you should find so many details about Android Rooting basically.Finally you can try or can involve to rooting on your Android Device. 
  3. You can Unroot your device later if you don’t like rooting.
  4.  Device’s Battery Charge
  5. USB Drivers-
  6. Stable Internet Connection
  7. Post Root Management
  8. Compatibility  of Android Device and Selective Rooting Software.

What is the difference between Rooting, Unlocking, Custom Recovery and Flashing a ROM?

This is something confusing with this three words, as all these three things done at the same time. Briefly speaking in order,

Unlocking: Unlocking means unlocking the Bootloader, this is the first step to flash a custom recovery.

Custom Recovery: After unlocking the Bootloader it allows you to install custom recovery.

Rooting and Flashing a ROM: Now with the Custom Recovery you can Root or install a Custom ROM. To make Root access is not required to flash a ROM but all Custom ROMs are packed with Root access.

Why Root?

List of Rooting Benefits:

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