The Quick and Dirty Facts About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica So How to download your Facebook data

The Quick and Dirty Facts About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica So How to download your Facebook data

In light of revelations that records from 87 million Facebook customers became improperly harvested to be used in concentrated on American Voters, Facebook should have really pledged to turn off the spigot to third-Party App developers. instead, the company is fixing the plumbing. The corporation outlined 9 tasks to trade how Facebook manages statistics given to Third-party apps.

There is one potential exchange clients will surely see: beginning April nine, Facebook will display a link at the top of the information Feed in which customers may be able to see what apps are the use of what facts—and turn them off within the event that they want.

“As part of this approach we are able to moreover inform humans if their information may also had been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica,” fb brought.

What actions you should take: in case you’ve resigned your self to the use of fb, at the least it’ll be less complicated to be able to get entry to granular controls approximately what apps are using your statistics. take a look at out our publications to the way to download your Facebook data. And in case you’re actually bored stiff, proper here’s a manner to delete, disable, or restrict your facebook account. recall, it isn’t sufficient just to forestall the usage of the app in case your statistics is already being used.

if you’ve determined that you want to go away from Facebook completely, right here’s how to delete, disable, or restriction your facebook account. Downloading your Facebook data

1. First, you should go to your Facebook account and click on the downward-pointing arrow at the top right corner of the page. It will be located next to the Quick Help (?) icon. Select Settings.

2. Secondly, you need to go to the General Account Settings (it should go there by default). Below the list that includes your Name, Username, etc., look for the link that says, “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” Click it.

3. The next page that appears will have a “Download Your Information” heading. Click the Start My Archive link. You’ll then see a notification saying it may take a few minutes to create your archive.

Facebook will send emails to the address you have in your profile to let you know that your data was requested, and then another email to notify you that your data is ready to download.

4. Check your email for the download notification. It will have a link you need to click. This is done to help make sure that the data request is legitimate.

5.After you click the email link, your browser will go back to Facebook’s Download Your Information page, but now there is a Download Archive link. Click it to start the download process.

6. A window will pop-up, asking for your Facebook password. Enter it and click Submit to proceed.

7. The download will be begun. The file size varies, depending on how much information you have put on Facebook. The more active you are, the bigger the download.

How to read your Facebook data

Facebook provides your data as a local mini website. All the files are in a folder, and if you open the folder, you’ll see an index.htm file. Open it, and it will launch in your browser.

The first page that opens is your Profile page, which gives you a summary of your personal information on Facebook. Click on any of the links below your profile picture to see what else is in your Facebook data. Some points of interests you might want to check out sooner than later:

Messages have records of all the Messenger messages you’ve ever had. Even in case, you didn’t respond to a message, it’s in there.

Security shows when you were on FB.

Ads suggest what FB commercials you clicked on and what advertisers have your touch data.

Applications suggest a list of what apps and offerings are the usages of along side FB.

If you see statistics you want to change or cast off, you couldn’t edit any of this data via the archive. you have to do it via your FB account.

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