LineageOS For Android is Best Solution For Your Android Device instead of The CyanogeMod

What Makes LineageOS the Best for Android Phones

If you are using an Android device for quite a while, you’ve probably heard of CyanogenMod. When you surf the internet, you are probably seen the term of CyanogemMod which it is most awesome, most trusted and widely used Custom ROM in the Android world.

CyanogenMod Theme Engine Isn’t Coming Back, LineageOS to Find Replacement

Unfortunately, cyanogenMod is stepped further developments in the past era.Anyway, you are not needed worry about that why you can get same Android experience with Lineage OS than CyanogenMOD why currently LineageOS is most trusted, most popular free Operating System for all Android users who they need Android OS with free of Bloatware and highly productive. LineageOS is also pre-rooted ROM which it comes with root Manager but root access is not activated by default, so you need to enable root access manually.

LineageOS works successfully now and it helps to make huge Android Experience what we loved about the CyanogenMod.This documentation will provide you perfect knowledge about LineageOS easily.Read More-Source

LineageOS Makes Latest,LineageSDK And Feel it

However, since the conditions stricts than previous versions, some feeling of the progress has been slightly slow. The team has been performing on how to encourage developers to faucet into the LineageOS platform with the recently introduced LineageSDK.

LineageOS isn’t only the custom ROM that brings in each single feature; however there are plenty of customization choices obtainable to the top user. The goal of the LineageSDK is to form LineageOS a huge place for developers.

Read More

LineageOS makes Latest, Stock Look and Feel

Lineage OS brings you a pure, stock Android experience on your device. Otherwise, Lineage Rom is rich with features and tweaks.If Lineage OS supports your Android device when It will provide you with the latest Android experience. It doesn’t matter if you own a brand new or older brand.Another best fact of the LineageOS is that offers you an OTA updates. This is the same system of updates that the OEM manufacturers provide. You can update your device with just one tap on your screen before forwarding the manufacturer’s updates.

LineageOS makes Up-to-Date, Stock Android

LineageOS provides you with an up-to-date version of Android. It’s truly a pure, stock Android experience.Because it dispenses with the additional bloat a lot of manufacturers and carriers add to the Stock Android OS, LineageOS is also selected more android users as their Custom ROM. It’s a way to revitalize old Android devices that manufacturers are no longer updating.

LineageOS gain SuperUser

You don’t have to connect your phone or tablet to your computer and run any commands to gain root permission. Otherwise, you won’t lose root when upgrading. LineageOS is compatible with root access if you want it, and allows you to disable root access if you don’t need it.

LineageOS gain you Tweaks and Awesome Features

So far you perhaps didn’t discover anything that makes Lineage OS to emerges. Nonetheless, from this segment, you will feel the distinction that Lineage OS can convey to your Android encounter.

Heredity OS Team is always testing and executing one of a kind thought in the Android programming. That enhances the default Android experience and make Lineage OS dependably to remain on the bleeding edge of Android development. A considerable lot of the highlights and changes that these designers made, have advanced into an official variant of Android. Here is the rundown of the most helpful changes and highlights that you can discover in the Lineage OS.

  • LineageOS brings Customizable Quick Settings Menu
  • LineageOS brings Camera app improvements
  • LineageOS brings Customizable Navbar
  • LineageOS brings Built-in DSP Manager
  • LineageOS brings SMS quick reply
  • LineageOS brings Privacy Guard
  • LineageOS brings Screen record
  • LineageOS brings Call blacklists
  • LineageOS brings PIE Controls

Despite these visual enhancements, under the hood LineageOS runs SELinux that improve the overall security of the operating system.

LineageOS makes Customization

In the event that we discuss the customization, LineageOS has its own topic motor. It enables you to pick topics, symbol packs, text styles, styles, sounds and boot activity. You can even buy premium topics for your LineageOS gadget. Be that as it may, redoing your gadget does not end with the topic motor. This custom ROM gives you huge amounts of visual adjustments for all aspects of the biological community.

LineageOS Makes Speed

One of the significant impressions that you will see, in the event that you attempt LineageOS only for few moments, will be the speed. This ROM does not utilize any OEM skins on the highest point of the stock Android. That spares the assets of your gadget and make it runs blasting quick. Genealogy OS is a lightweight ROM that takes up less capacity contrasted with the stock OEM ROMs and does not contain any bloatware. Regardless of whether you possess the most recent age cell phone, I ensure that you will feel speed enhancements amid Lineage OS utilization.

LineageOs Makes Battery Life

We as a whole need to have better battery life for our gadgets. Thus, producers pack expansive batteries in the most recent cell phones. Notwithstanding, your battery life does not just rely on the span of the genuine battery. These programming that you are utilizing likewise hugely affects to what extent your battery will last.

Not at all like the most OEM enlarged ROMs, LineageOS will keep all the foundation running applications and administrations from depleting your battery. That implies that your battery juice will be expended just when it’s required.

Moreover, LineageOS offers you numerous Battery Modes. These are predefined settings for the battery and assets utilization of your gadget. For instance, on the off chance that you pick the Power Saver mode, your Android Device can remain on standby for quite a long time.

Next chapter will explain How To Install LineageOS on your Android Device

You need a rooted Android device or bootloader unlocked Android Device to install the LimneageOS|Lineage Custom ROM on your Android Device.However, if you like to proceed the LineagOS installation via Rooting, first you should make a rooted Android device.But some Android users like to install Custom ROM via bootloader unlocked Method when you should unlock the bootloader before installing the LineageOS

How To Unlock Bootloader on Any Android Devices

As we all are using Android handsets these days it is a must to know that how to enter into recovery mode on your Android device. This is extremely important, whether it could be stock recovery or a custom recovery. By booting into recovery mode options you can make so many changes on your device and also perform several important operations.

This is why I have made this step by step guide to making things easy for you. By getting used to below-explained methods, you can boot into recovery mode on any of the Android device model, also you can access with both the rooted and none rooted Android devices.Read More

How To Root Any Android Device easily

Actually, we can make so many huge android experiences with our Android Device but you’re not allowed full access to the Android operating system why manufacturers add so many restrictions oppositely to enter the System Applications.

For more Android users,  this isn’t a problem. Anyway, by allowing access to root privileges, which brings you full control over Android, you’re able to install many more apps and tweak your Android Device to work just the way you require it to.

If you’re faced difficulties with the useless apps that your Android Device manufacturer has insisted on installing when gaining root privileges help you to remove them.

The process of rooting your Android device is awesome which gives you access to the root privileges.Android Root is pretty so you can make any huge things with your Android device bear in your mind.

We discuss earlier, Google and other Android Device manufacturers don’t require you to root your android how a phone should give you an indication of the risks involved. That is security implications which come with granting apps more privileges then they’re supposed to.

Android Rooting void your device’s warranty. So you need to think twice before rooting your android devices. Another important fact is bricking the Android device during root process or after rooting process. Don’t worry, you only need to follow the given guidelines, then you can care for bricking issue easily.

1.Back up your device

Android Rooting is easier and safer process but you need to follow always safety precautions to achieve root access on your device. Android is a most powerful operating system which it is developed day by day.Currently, Android OS runs on the android devices that you give so many options such backup Options.You can make backup easily using this options.

To do it, open up the Settings menu and scroll down to the “Backup & reset” option.Above manually backing up is sometimes not easy why it is more difficult. So you can use some special Apps to get  All backup easily and safely.Anyway, don’t forget to make a whole backup before beginning the android rooting. Backup will help you solve if you will go wrong during rooting process by your mistaking.

2.Select Rooting Tool

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