Is Most Best Android Rooting Tool KingRoot or KingoRoot?

If you are a fan of Android and a longtime user of Android device, you might definitely be thought of rooting your Android device and sometimes you should have come across so many root apps in order to Root your Android device. With all those Root apps on the market, the most famous root apps are the Kingroot and the Kingoroot which you may have heard on so many platforms. Well, this page is all about Kingroot vs Kingoroot, which is the best and some of the difference between the KingRoot and KingoRoot.

Both the KingRoot and KingoRoot apps are most famous apps in the market of Android rooting which really serves in the purpose of rooting Android devices for its owners. By rooting an Android device, the device users will get with root access on their Android device.

If you are willing know the main difference between both these apps and either you want to see which app is going give you the best output for you, then read this article to see the battle of Kingroot vs Kingoroot.

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Kingroot vs Kingoroot – Choice to make

First of all, with no doubt the functionality of both the KingRoot and KingoRoot apps are the same. If you have ever used both these apps in the process of rooting your Android device, you may have notice what these apps are, what they does and what are the fine differences between them. The language was basic difference between both the KingRoot and KingoRoot in the past as the KingRoot was designed in Chinese but the Kingoroot was standing in English language. But now both the tools are available in English.

Ok now let’s get with the facts what differs the Kingroot and Kingoroot,

The Kingroot App is developed by KingRoot Studios on the other side the KingoRoot App is developed by FingerPower Technologies. Anyway, we know a very few details about both these companies, but still you should know that both of the companies hold some other useful apps either. When it comes to KingRoot vs KingoRoot, both the apps are packed with totally different interfaces in terms of the available options of the apps. The KingRoot is less functioned when compared with the KingoRoot, the KingRoot only manages the root function.

As I have mentioned above, the KingoRoot App utilizes some other supportive tools to make some huge functions on the device, such like the Kingo SuperUser on the device will perform some other root functions on the device. The shortcut will appear the device as soon as you root your device with Kingoroot Application. This fight will not been noticed when the apps are installed, once you have rooted your device, it will show up the apps. When using Kingroot, there are some useful tools that are packed inside the KingRoot app itself. The KingRoot is functioned with Purify tool with it, in which the device battery functions and some management functions are made.

The KingRoot supports to root Android devices that are running on Android versions range between Android 2.2 Froyo to 6.0 Marshmallow and the KingRoot also has successfully rooted a Nexus 5X which was running on Android 7.0 Nougat. At the same time the KingoRoot is offered with different support range from Android 1.5 Cup Cake to 6.0.1 Lollipop. Somehow, both the KingRoot and KingoRoot has a equal kind of support.

Finally, the important question raised when speaking about Kingroot vs Kingoroot is, which is the safest and the legal permissions of both the apps. Both the KingRoot and KingoRoot are really easy to handle and both perform extremely well. But, it is unreliable on the permissions and the terms of conditions of both the apps. Just like all the other apps, these rooting apps either require some amount of permissions over your Android device to perform. Anyway, no corruption will by using KingRoot or KingoRoot on an Android device.


So, we would like to come to an end, as the discussion above the battle of Kingroot vs Kingoroot ends with a good answer. Both of them are performing well according to the targeted purpose of rooting Android. With all that, both the KingRoot and KingoRoot are known to have little safety issues but there are no issues regarding its legality.

That’s all on KingRoot vs KingoRoot, I hope this little information would be useful for you. Now, it is up to you to make your own decision. Please share your experiences with use through the comment section below. Thank you.

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