How to Track Mobile Location Using Hoverwatch?

We know that lot of parents today who need to take extra care of their children why recent society is not safest place.Most parent are sad about their children safety why children are not matured.They can’t decide what will do or not sometime. The reason is transparent, so many scams and crimes are increasing day by day. Hackers can easily entrap them. For them, we have got an excellent application “Hoverwatch.”


However,Hoverwatch is an awesome application that supports us to track mobile location. This app brings with a lot of features such as you can access the web browser, call logs, messages, etc. There are so many things that parents need to take care about.

track location of mobile

Do you know with this fantastic app? you can easily access the location and web browser’s history and have a look at what their children do with their devices. Not only this, even the business owners can use it to have an estimate of the work done by each employee.Otherwise,this App can help to manage employees to increase the working performance properly though the solving working  issue and trouble easily.okay,you can know all better features included this App as well as guidelines about how to use Hoverwatch properly to get so many benefits easily for your life by following this article.

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The Hoverwatch app brings so many awesome useful features.  It’s one of the best apps to track mobile location. Here are listed as below its features in details.

  • Spy on phone calls: App user can quickly find out the call details and have a record of incoming and outgoing along with the time duration, date and time of the call.
  • Spy on web browsing and history: You can catch easily to monitor the web pages and the browsing history of the targeted device along with bookmarks and most visited sites.
  • Track SMS Messages: You can catch to monitor all the sent and received messages with the actual sent time and date along with the attached documents or media.
  • Spy on the Social Media Accounts: As you are spying on that, you will have full access to the social accounts and all other activities of your target. It will let you go through the messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and let you see his/her Instagram’s story before anyone else. This app not only tracks messages but also keeps the record of the incoming and outgoing time and date of the messages along with the images, videos, GIFs and other documents sent or received to the target.
  • Track GPS Location: You can send a request to track the location, and within a couple of seconds you will be able to track the current location of your kid or employee.


Parental Control: The parents  can use this app to track where  children GPS location and confirm that everything is alright. Also, parents can monitor the browsing history and call logs to keep track of their children.

Monitoring Employees: Company Owners need to  monitor the growth of all the employees then you can probably use this app to do so with ease.

Personal Use: You can use it for monitoring your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband etc. You can make sure if they are not hidden anything from you  such as his/her contacts, calls, messages, etc.



The steps to install the Hoverwatch app are awesome  and comfortable.Furthermore,the user experience is impressive  with this App. So you will create any awful problems during  usage of   Hoverwatch App.


Visit to the free phone tracker website and Register there using by your email  & any password. Add the device, and you can also find the details of installation from there.

Track Mobile location


Download and install the Mobile Tracker from your online account.Add Device which you need to monitoring.

Track Mobile location


Open the Hoverwatch app and activate its services. Once you have enabled the services, it will use all the connecting technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. to let you peep in the targeted phone as well as track the location of a mobile device.

track phone location



Now you can log in to the hoverwatch website and track the victim device easily. It’s quite interesting to track phone location with Hoverwatch. Well, the hoverwatch is free, but you can buy premium version at a little cost for extra features.

track phone location

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