How to Safely Erase All Data on Android in 3 Simple Ways

Most Android users always find and basic needs how to Clear Data Android /clear storage on their Android Device safely and productively.Android is most popular mobile Operating System which help us to fulfill so many day to day activities such as Taking photos,Recording Audios,Communications,Money Exchanging,Data Storing..etc easily and productively.According your day to day activities,your Android Device stores so many valuable data more and more continuously.However,you should understand,your Android devices includes so many valuable data and most are very important and private.If your valuable and important data will move to others hand on when may create a dangerous situation with your life.So you should delete your every valuable and important details before selling or gifting your older Android device to others.

Furthermore,this document will provide you three possible ways to delete data on your Android device easily as well as productively.There are,

1.Clear All Data on Android Via Factory Reset

2.Clear an Android Phone Manually

3.Truly Clear  Android Phone with Data Erasing App

Clear All Data Android Via Factory Reset

Each Android Devices bring the options of Factory rest in default.This method is very easy to delete data on your Android Device easily.After reset your Android Device will be back to state which it is moved from Manufacturer.It means that newer Android device hasn’t any of personal details while you bought it,so if you will be proceed Factory Reset when your phone will be going to again condition of newer device.Additionally,Factory Resat Android is have only manufacturer inserted firmware and other Apps which means that it is free of your filled data.So if you use this method to delete your personal data when you should get all backup before proceed this method.

Important:Everything on your personal data was gone from visual but data can be recovered by Android Recovery software.So if you care yourself when don’t use this method.

Method-1:How To Do Factory Reset

Install Android Assistant And Connect your Smart Phone To your PC

Download Android Assistant and install it on your PC.

Data storage is not the problem recently, data security is the key for our valuable data.Android Assistant is  desktop Android tool has pre-designed feature to help you backup everything on your Android phone, including phone contacts, text messages, installed apps, music, videos, photos and even calendar.

After backup, you can easily restore the backup files with its simple user interface.If you are not a computer expert or not needed big knowledge to handle Android Assistant tool which it makes most user friendly environment to get everything easily to PC from your Android Device.

Factory Reset Android Device

Okay,now  your data has backed up using your Google Account over internet. You can easily use them throgh your Google ID.Next process also is rather easier than you think. Now,you should launch the Settings option on your Android device.Then,you need to select ‘Backup & reset’.Finally,you should  choose ‘Factory data reset’. Confirm your action.Now,you are done everything that it means,your internal storage data has already removed completely but you should understand that your external MicroSD data is not removed with this method. However,you can remove MicroSD card from your older Android Device before selling or gifting your Android device to to others.

Method 2: Wipe an Android Phone Manually

This method will help you to erase only the data on SD card.If you need to delete internal storage when you need to follow the 1st method i have discussed as above.This method works based on Formatting of phone which means wipes out all of your data which the phone formatting help to clears the memory.Finally,all Files in the internal memory are deleted.

How to format Android SD card:

First ,you should connect your device to the computer using the USB patient to little while to detect the computer to detect the device.Then,you should go to the Computer folder .Now,you can see the ‘Portable Devices’ section;Then,you should provide a double click on the device icon to open it.Now,you can see the External Storage and Internal Storage respectively.You should give right click on SD card External Storage and choose ‘Format’. Finally,you need to choose the format type and then confirm your action. The method will help to remove everything from your external MicroSD card easily.

Method 3: Permanently Clear Android Phone with Data Erasing Software

We have discussed 2 method to erase your data from your Android device but actually,they still do not erase data on your Android.It means that expert can easily recover file on your Android device you have erased earlier. Otherwise,mentioned traditional methods do not support truly to erase your data permanently from your Android Device.

What to next to find better solution? don’t worry.You have best solution to do it productively than you think.yes of course,you can use Android Data Eraser to do it easily and correctly.Android Data Eraser remove everything according to the military standard which it is eradication of the everything.It means this App use special technology to erase data such as overwritten for erased location of the memory.Finally,it will be made data free environment  completely.It means that  if some expert tries to recover data which included on your Android device when they can find only the several junk files.

Android Eraser Windows Version 

Install and Run Android Data Eraser

You should download and install Android Data Eraser on your PC. You are lucky, you can use it freely on Windows PC  as well as Mac computer. After installation process has finished,then you need to open and launch to this program.

Connect Android to Computer

Now,you should connect your Android Device (Phone or Tablet) to computer via USB cable. Then you need to turn on USB debugging on Android device. Once the phone was plugged in, Android Data Eraser can detect the phone and list short details about it.

Start Wiping Android Data

Now,you need to select Erase All Data on the main screen and type delete to confirm the operation. Now, You can click ‘Erase’ button to completely delete all data on the Android Phone.

Factory Reset Android (Important)

As i mentioned above,you can proceed the Factory Reset which it help to become your Android to the original settings.Now,you have an  completely  data free Android Device.This method help to remove internal memory truly.

If you require to erase data from SD card, you can format it. But, in both Methods above, the data can be recoverable. However,if you are  using Android Data Eraser when you will make your the data completely unrecoverable.

If you are an iPhone users when you can use safewiper App to delete valuable and important data before giving others productively.

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