Gesture Based Technology For Android

Gesture-based technology is easier and simple as well as it is the most convenient way to increase the device performance productively.

A few manufacturers have experimented with motion gestures as a way to launch apps, and a few basic ones have been built into stock Android since Marshmallow.

The idea is that you flick your wrist in a particular way and the camera app will open. It works even when the screen is turned off.

Furthermore,You can Control your device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. GMD Gesture Works in all applications. So it helps to hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favourite games or while browsing. GMD(Graphic Multimedia Design) Gesture App supports for Android 4 to Android 8.1 Oreo Devices. You can find this App easily from the Google Play Store.

GMD Gesture Control Features

  • Multitask enable you to start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application.
  • Create custom actions such as starting an app, previous app and next app, back to home, kill the current app and so on.
  • Get more intuitive gesture-based controls on the tablets
  • To use this app need root access to perform so many functions.

How To Root Any Android Devices

Android rooting gains you so many benefits such as custom ROM installation, Removing the Bloatware, Expanded Battery Life..etc. GMD Gesture is also huge advantage creating the Android Rooting. Anyway, you need to rooted Android Device to use this App. So you need to root your Android Device before installing this App on your Android Device.

To root your Android device, you can use KingRoot, KingoRoot, TowelRoot, iRoot, MagiskRoot, Odin, Dr.Fone Root, TunesGo Root, SRSRoot…etc.Read More

After rooting your Android device, you can check your root status by using Root Checker easily. Okay, you can go to next step after complete your Rooting Task.

How to add custom Gesture Controls

  • Root your Android with Suitable Rooting tool
  • Download the GMD Gestures Controls.
  • Launch the app and grant root permission

Some of the Gesture Controls:

  • Swipe 4 fingers right – open previous application
  • Swipe 4 fingers left – open next application
  • Expand 4 fingers – LaunchPad (dialog with your applications, shortcut or custom action)
  • Pinch 4 fingers – Home gesture
  • Swipe 3 fingers down – Back gesture
  • Swipe 3 fingers up – Bottom recent applications bar
  • Custom gestures – create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action

After finished all above steps, you can feel huge Android Experience easily.

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