6 of the Best Navigation Gesture Apps For Smartphone

6 of the Best Navigation Gesture Apps for Smartphone

Gesture Technology is a wonderful innovation in the modern world. Modern, Smart Developers Apply the gesture Technolgy to their smart device via gestures Application. Gesture Apps help to make awesome Smart Experience easily within a short time on your smartphone. Actually, Gesture App is one of the best productivity Softwares.

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Any Smart user(Phone, Tablets,iPods.iPads) can use Gesture technology to quickly navigate, multitask, adjust settings, and access all the things you do the most. There are given as below,

1) Two-finger swipe down.

2) Press and hold on notifications.

3) Press and hold to select.

4) Swipe down from the Chrome address bar.

5) Press and hold Power Off.

6) Tap and hold the spacebar.

7) Triple-tap to zoom in.

8) Tap and hold on menus.

Basically, the Gesture is a type of artificial intelligence which allows your PC or Smart Device to capture and interpret human motion as commands.  The general meaning of the gesture is the ability of a computer to understand gestures and execute commands based on those gestures.  Most smart users are friendly with gesture through Wii Fit, X-box and PlayStation games such as “Just Dance” and “Kinect Sports”.

The word of Gesture can refer to any non-verbal communication that is mentioned to communicate an important message. This technology may include anything from the pointing of a finger to a roundhouse kick or a nod of the head to a pinch or wave of the hand. 

How does gesture work?

Gesture recognition is an alternative user interface for interacting Modern devices and human motion. In some cases, the definition of “Gesture” may also include voice or verbal commands.

Instead of typing with a keyboard or tapping on a touch screen, a motion sensor perceives and interprets movements as the primary source of data input.

So let’s talk how to enroll that thing into the smartphones. In 2017 apple platform launched the iPhone X that came with the Gesture navigation and despaired the Touch ID. This is the big turning point of the smartphones industry. So Apple is the first platform to introduce the Gesture navigation feature. Even though, lots of Android devices are imitating this system into their devices.

Basically, some Android developers make gesture applications for Rooted Android devices. But now, some Gesture Apps support for Non-Rooted Android too which included older and latest Android. Therefore you can add iPhone X like navigation gestures on any Android smartphone.

Now Android pie has introduced all new Gesture navigation inbuilt with stock firmware. Furthermore, this technology is very important to stop time wasting, So all smartphones make try to vary way to do that. in a bunch of years ago, in the front panel, we saw some physical buttons(Keyboard) on sensitive touch buttons which cached a big area from the front panel. So most manufacturers removed the physical buttons(Keyboard) and then they added to the display. But its saw a dark bar in the bottom line. In the meantime, Apple has released the iPhone X which gives first priority of the navigation gesture. After innovation the Gesture Technology,  most smart manufacturers try to add this feature to their Devices with varies ways.

  1. Navigation gesture|Download Navigation Gesture

This is one of the greatest gesture for your device. Another huge advantage about Navigation Gestures is that it works on a non-rooted device and it hides the stock navigation bar completely. As a replacement, the app adds a pill-shaped button at the bottom which can be customized. Therefore this application offers lots of other gestures. So, if you are looking for an all in the same application this app for your Android device, then Navigation Gestures might be the best one for you.

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Advantages Of Navigation Gesture

  • Free on Play Store
  • All-in-one gestures for Android
  • Removes Android navigation bar

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  1. One+ Gestures|One+ Gestures Download

Oneplus Gesture App is one of the best gesture Software for Android Smart Devices developed by XDA. This App will help you to add One+ gestures on any Android device. You can easily open the app drawer by simply swiping the home screen from bottom to up after installing this App into your Smart Device. Furthermore, you are able to hide the stock navigation bar. However, this App supports only for the Rooted Android Devices.

Advantages Of Oneplus Gesture

  • OnePlus gesture experience
  • Hide Gesture zone completely
  • Haptic Feedback

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  1. Edge Gestures |Edge Gesture Download

Edge Gestures is deserved to add gestures to the edges of your screen. It’s just like android pie feature but this app brings you more feature.  To go to the previous screen, users just do to swipe the edge of the screen from left to right. Similarly, users need to swipe the edge of the screen from right to left to head to the next screen. And more of this app, Edge Gestures also offers other gestures as well as you can swipe up to open the home screen, etc. so you can easily able to download this app from play store.

Advantages Of Edge Gestures

  • Three smartphone edges compatibility
  • Edge pie controls
  • Various Customizable Gestures
  1. X Home Bar| X Home bar Download

X Home Bar is another great gesture app on the list which adds a pill-shaped button at the bottom just like iPhone X. This application name is also mentioned the iPhone X because these navigation features are similar to the iPhone X navigation bar. Another cool thing of  X Home Bar is supported the only for a rooted Android device as well as nonrooted android. So you don’t need the root your device to use this application. Furthermore, this App can easily download from Google Play Store as Free of Charges.

Advantages Of X Home Bar

  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Seamless transitions
  • Change button position with the keyboard
  1. Fluid Navigation Gestures| Fluid Navigation Download

The Fluid Gesture App is one of the coolest application ever. Why we mentioned like this? this tool’s animations and smoothness are awesome. The huge thing of this application is that instead of adding a pill shape button on the bottom of the screen, it adds a fluid button on the screen too. And it has two primary gestures – the first one is quick Swipe and the second one is Swipe and Hold. Swipe and hold will open the open apps, and the Quick Swipe will open the home screen.   So this is a good selection of third-party gesture application.

Advantages Of Fluid Gesture App

  • Unique concept and addictive
  • Many customization settings
  • Option to Pause it for different settings
  1. Gravity Gestures| Gravity Gesture Download

Gravity Gesture is one of the best Android apps which could help you save a lot of time because this tool has so many short cuts to control your android system. Gravity Gesture brings a wide range of Moto Actions and a lot more on any Android device and free and quickly. There are four gestures in the app – Rotation X, Rotation Y, Rotation Z, and Shake. You can assign different sets of tasks to these gestures.

Advantages Of Gravity Gesture 

  • Small application size
  • Gesture support at edges
  • Application Filter

Think, this article will help you to make the Android experience with newly added Gesture technolgy for the Android. Other important facts are you are eligible to cut off the time wasting and increase the productivity of the usage of the smart device after installing this App. However, you should fulfill some requirement before installing the Gesture App. Some Gesture App support for the latest Android Version and Some are supported for the Rooted Android devices. So please consider these requirements before installing this gesture App for your Smart Device.

These are the best applications of Six Gesture App for Android to replace your navigation bar / capacitive buttons with navigation gestures. A key point is important to have an account here is that some applications do not require you to root your device.


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