11 Best Root Apps for Android Phones

Most people think that rooting an Android device is not that essential, as these days the Google releases most advanced root only features with their genuine OS. But still rooting your Android device can offer you more and more features and support for your device.

Anyway, still rooting has its own type of pros and cons, but mainly rooting your device will open up a huge gate in your device to offer you so many opportunities and lets you add tons functionalities and features to your Android device. And of course, most of these functionalities are added through root apps which are always known as best root apps on the market.

So, in this little post, we will simply have a quick look through the top 11 best root apps for Android devices, these listed apps will definitely give you an overall boost for your device with no doubt.

1. System App Remover (ROOT)

System App Remover is one of an awesome best root apps on the market. And an app with the rating of 4.6 in the Google Play Store definitely deserves to be in the first place. The System Recovery App lets you remove built-in unwanted system apps (Bloatware). As you would already know, that Bloatware apps are very much annoying on your Android device and files the memory and as well as it drains the battery life.

To remove System apps, all you have to do is simply launch the System App Remover and click on the annoying app that you want to remove from the device and then tap the Uninstall button.

But make sure that you do not remove Google Services from your Android device, as removing those stuff can severally arm your Android device so you can force stop these type of apps.

2. Titanium Backup (for awesome backup and restore)

Titanium Backup is a very much attractive app as like the mother of all the best root apps for Android devices. This is really a cool backup and restore apps for rooted Android, this lets you even backup Wi-Fi settings and call logs either.

Always, the call logs, messages and Wi-Fi access points are very much important and the Titanium Backup makes it really easy to backup and restore them.

Simply head over and open the Titanium Backup menu, and then select Backup data to XML and select the type of task that you want to get with.

Even though the interface is not made with stunning design and animations, Titanium makes the place in the list with its amazing features.

3. Flashify (for root users)

Flashify is one of the must-have best root apps for all the rooted Android devices out there and it is specially packed in with some great features if you are on the beginner stage of rooting Android. The Flashify makes the complicated rooting job much easier by letting you simply flash the boot.img, recovery.img and zip files directly from the recovery, without even requiring to reboot the Android device.

Also, with Flashify, you can take a whole backup of your Android phone before flashing it and reverting back to the default settings of the device. Anyway, you do keep in mind that the free version of the app lets you only flash three files per day.

4. FontFix (Free) for Superuser

If you are not a Samsung user, then you must definitely know the pain of not having any of the option to change the fonts of the system. So, if you have rooted your phone, FontFix simply fixes this particular issue. Once you have installed FontFix, it lets you make choices with different types of fonts just like in the Samsung devices.

This root app has thousands of fonts on it to select from. If we measure it in numbers, the app is packed with over 4,300 different variety of fonts. To select a new font, simply click on a font of your own taste and tap on the plus (+) icon at the lower right corner of the screen. it will show you a quick view of the font’s style and letters, then just click on install to get tricked with the new font.

5. NetCut

Netcut is the best root apps that contain boasts of unique functionality and features. This app can simply find out all the devices that are connected to a specific Wi-Fi network even when your Android device hasn’t been granted any of the admin access over the modem.

Apart from the basic network accesses, this tiny best root apps not only lets you control over the network speed but it also gives you the unique right to cut off the Wi-Fi network to any of the devices that are in use whether it is could be a game console or a handset.

The Netcut carries out a lot of other stunning features with it which you can explore for free in the Google Play Store with a couple of features available as in-app purchases.

6. Greenify

When it comes to battery saving, the Greenify is a remarkable and long-standing name for it. This best root apps work on the non-rooted Android devices either, it takes the experience of the app really high with a Rooted Android device.

Greenify simply lets you identify the battery guzzling and misbehaving apps that are harming the battery and extremely push them into hibernation. On the rooted devices the Greenify also analyzes the services that are running in the background of the device and puts all of them to sleep when they are not in use.

Everything you have to do is, simply grant the SU permission for Greenify and add the apps to the list which needs to be hibernated. To get the feature tested, you can try the Facebook app for Android, this one is good to test things with Greenify.

7. FolderMount [ROOT]

FolderMount is a great unique kind of best root apps for those Android phones which are packed with limited internal storage. These kinds of a situation becomes very difficult to handle with the app data in the internal storage alone. For example, the WhatsApp will only store its data files in the internal storage.

FolderMount simply brings the solution for this issue by creating a mapping between both the internal and external storages.

This one is amazingly simple as selecting the folders from file explorer and then saving the mapping. Once you set ready, all the apps and files will be automatically saved to the external storage by freeing the internal storage.

Speaking of WhatsApp, here are Some Tips to keep WhatsApp secured

8. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

Another unique and great app on the Google Play Store for all the Rooted Android phones is AfWall+. This best root apps let you make the choice with the data network for all the individual apps which are installed on your Android device. The AFWall+ has built a fairly simple interface, all you have to do is just check on the LAN or the Wi-Fi checkboxes on the app interface and everything is done.

What is great about this tiny best root apps is, it works brilliantly great with all the apps including some powerful apps like the Opera Max, and this is a VPN emulator.

9. GMD GestureControl Lite ★ root

GMD GestureControl is a great app that brings in iPad gestures into the rooted Android devices. This best root apps simply lets you choose gestures from a wide set of corresponding gesture action.

So for example, if you want to launch your favourite Android app with a few taps on the home screen, the GMD GestureControl lets you make it happen for you.

Also, this one app will make you more productive as you will not need to go through the app drawer to find those apps that you frequently use. The only thing you have to do is, simply program this one cool app for launching, this will both the time and energy.

10. Engelsiz: DNS Changer

Engelsiz is a word from Turkish which means Unhindered. And this is true to its name, Engelsiz: DNS Changer lest you set up the DNS value and gives you unhindered browsing experience.

In this app there are two modes to be functioning, one is either it picks up a DNS automatically for you or you can make the choice of your own. What else more with this best root apps is, if you couldn’t find the DNS address that you want on the manual mode, you can simply add it through the Plus icon of the app which is located in the upper right corner of the app.

11. Boot Animations for Superuser

Always, the advantages of a rooted Android device are so many. With no limits, this goes deep to the extent that you can even optimize boot animation of your Android device. you can entirely change the boot animations of your Android and none of the apps can do it better than the Boot Animations for Superuser app does it.

What is always great about this best root apps is each and every animation on this app is absolutely awesome and stunning. And also, you can always preview the whole animation thing before you add it to become functioning.

That’s all, people!

With no doubt, always the Android world is extremely open, where it will not only lets you change and tweak your Android device to do your tastes but it also lets you get the maximum out with the device.

Anyway, do let me know if you have any issues or anything else to speak to me.

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